Can You Trade In A Boat?

Trading in a boat can be a similar experience to trading in a car, however there are some key differences to be aware of. Here at Cash In My Boat, we buy vessels at trade-in value and can generally close much faster than a dealership. Let’s take a look at why you would trade in a boat, determining value, and why Cash In My Boat is the quickest way to sell.

Why Trade In a Boat?can you trade in a boat?

If you have your dream vessel picked out and your current boat is the only thing standing in the way, trading in or wholesaling makes sense. One of the most common scenarios we see is people losing out on their dream boat because they tried to sell their current vessel privately and their dream boat sold already. The current boating market is flooded with competition and it can take months for your vessel to sell.

By trading in your vessel and/or selling to Cash In My Boat, you can go to the dealership or boat seller with cash in hand and quickly purchase a boat. Also, we understand that normal wear and tear occur and will not beat up our customers on price for simple fixes where a private buyer would.

Determining The Value of A  Boat Trade

There are plenty of resources available on the internet for estimating a ballpark pricing strategy for your trade-in.

Nada Guides: This is what banks use to determine tax evaluation for vessels. Though it can be skewed for certain boat brands, it provides a starting point for your trade-in estimation.

Boat Trade Price Range Tool: Another tool used to estimate price ranges of vessels based on a number of factors. These generally fall closer to a retail price, so consider this when utilizing this platform.

Boat Listing Websites: By researching market values of similar year/make/model boats to yours on Yachtworld, Boat Trader, and Ebay, you can determine what the retail value will be. From there, take a 20-30% cut off the top to estimate wholesale/trade value.

Cash In My Boat | A Quick Solution For Selling Your Boat

Bringing your boat to a dealership and dealing with the hassle of running their trade numbers against the boat they are trying to sell you can be confusing. Here at Cash In My Boat, we make clear wholesale offers and inspect your vessel on your terms. For more information on why you should sell your boat quickly to Cash In My Boat, click here.

We would love to speak with you about your trade-in and boating needs. We have a vast network of boat available and may even be able to put you into your next vessel! To get started, simply click the link below and submit your boat.

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