Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I am contacted?

The Cash In My Boat Team strives to contact all boat submissions within 48 hours. If you have not been contacted, please submit again or call us direct!

How old of boats will you purchase?

We typically buy boats that are 2000 or newer but make exceptions for high value boats. If you have an older vessel and would still like an offer, go ahead and submit.

What does a boat inspection look like?

Depending on where your boat is located, we typically send a certified surveyor out to perform a run through of the vessel. This will include checking all systems, pumps, and running the engine on sea-trial if available. We understand that boats get dirty and can see past the small issues.

How will I receive payment?

Once we have inspected the boat and paperwork has been completed, we will wire the money directly into your chosen account. Cash payments are possible on occasion for smaller vessels*.

How is pickup handled?

Once you have received payment, we will send a professionally insured shipper to pick up the boat. If you do not have a trailer, we will provide one for pickup.

How does Cash In My Boat determine offers?

Our team buys for re-sale and therefore calculates a number of factors before making an offer including: depreciation, condition, engine status, hours, fair market value, and more. Your lead contact will be happy to explain the offer on the phone.

What paperwork will I need?

Though paperwork varies state to state, we generally require a title for the boat, title or registration for trailer, and if there is a loan…contact information for your bank to establish a release of title.