Why Choose Cash In My Boat?

Cash In My Boat was founded in order to serve the boating community as a resource and partner for anyone needing a quick sale on their vessel. Whether you are moving, behind on payments, or simply want to wholesale your boat…we are here to help you sell your boat quickly.

The Issue With A Private Boat Sale

The current boating market is flooded with inventory and unless you have a marketing team, your boat listing will most likely be buried under the competition. We pride ourselves as a fast, professional, and easy way to sell your boat direct. There will be no need to handle hundreds of call from non-serious buyers or worrying about endless negotiations. Many of our customers come to us after dealing with the private market and they simply want a cash offer.

Our Offers: Selling to Cash In My Boat

Our staff keeps their finger on the pulse of the boating market and is able to offer fair offers for most any boat year 2000 or newer. We pride ourselves on being transparent and will be happy to explain our offers in detail. We do take into account time of year, condition, cleanliness, mechanical condition, and more in determining our offers and though we are buying for re-sale, we believe every client deserves a fair offer.

Why Choose Cash In My Boat Over Other Boat Buying Websites?

The rise of quick cash for boat websites and other quick boat buying sites has risen steadily over the past few years. Unfortunately for the consumer, many of these are not actual businesses minded companies and are not there to assist you.

Cash In My Boat is proud to offer quick customer service and a team ready to answer all of your boat selling questions. We are transparent and will not waste your time if the numbers do not line up.

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